Not from now that the trapeado jump happened to be the darling of the fashionistas. The soles model, which resembles the ripples of tractor tires, has been a prominent feature of fashion for many years, whether in open versions, in heeled sandals, flats and platforms, or in closed models such as shoes and boots.


Many women like to maintain elegance wearing high-heeled shoes or high -heeled boots ; some believe that jumping gives them more confidence, stamina, and superiority.

Although all these features of footwear add to the look and whoever pants them, many types of heels can pose health risks such as problems in the spine and knees, even more serious injuries such as shortening of the calf muscles.

The day-to-day use of uncomfortable shoes can still cause problems such as postural disorders, bunion, lower back pain, ingrown nails, strains on the feet and ankles.

Physiotherapeutic studies indicate that 2 cm of heel provides the correct percentage of the corporal division in relation to the distribution of weight on the feet, in the fraction 50/50, corresponding to the heel and tip of the feet.



The following is a list of jump models for you to know how to choose the right jump and the most appropriate for comfort and health:Needle Heel: This model lifts the heel, its extremely fine heel causes the body weight to be concentrated on the front of the feet, causing discomfort, pain and the possibility of spinal problems.Fine Jump: the same problem of the heel needle, thin heels can cause ankles, bruises on the toes and pain in the soles of the feet.Platform Jump: this model allows greater distribution of the pressure exerted by the feet, greater balance reducing the risk of torsion of the feet. High modeling of the heel to the tips of the feet.


The kitten heels in some moments are super high in the fashion world, being the big trend. Other times they are out of fashion and the trend goes by, but let’s be honest: they are very comfortable to wear, and that’s why kitten heels are so popular choices to use on the desktop.  This year’s cat-heeled shoes are a big trend and so it’s time to buy a good pair and wear it in the office.

Undoubtedly, the kitty heel is the best model of heel shoe for women who want to maintain comfort but need to wear a more “social” shoe due to the workplace’s dress code . It is definitely a comfortable shoe model, but it is also very stylish and can be worn with a wide variety of clothing creating professional outfits.

That’s why we’ve separated some ideas for you from how to wear this heel shoe in your day-to-day office.



Wear jumpsuit shoes with a cool skirt to create a feminine outfit for the work environment. It can be a knee length skirt or a midi skirt that suits your liking: pencil skirt, a-line skirt, any skirt that fits within your company’s dress code and that you enjoy. Add a button-down shirt or a white T-shirt and match it with a stylish bag – and your look will look stylish and fit for work. You can add a jacket or a blazer if it is cold or use a cardigan for a softer look.Jeans and jeans are timeless pieces of clothing for work – nothing can be more casual and comfortable. Put the high waist pants with a few prints, a simple white button-down shirt inside the pants or a simple shirt and jumpsuit shoes, to create a stylish look inspired by the mid-20th century is ready. If jeans are allowed, choose the navy-blue, cut-off or usual skinny pants, and add a button down shirt along with a blazer and kitten-heeled shoe. Adopt this infallible fashion.